World Medical Camp for Libya (WMCL)

What is WMCL?

WMCL was established to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in Libya and to respond to the urgent and immediate need for medical aid in Libya.

World Medical Camp for Libya (WMCL) was founded as a non-profit organisation in February 2011 by a group of Libyan professionals in the UK and elsewhere.

WMCL is a charity registered with the Charities’ Commission of England and Wales under registration number 1142866

What next for WMCL?

WMCL has been working closely with medics in Libyan hospitals to ascertain their needs and with established aid organisations in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia to provide required medical aid.

As our Recent Activities show, we have achieved significant results so far but our work is only just beginning. Throughout this unfolding humanitarian crisis, we have been working with our partners on the ground to identify the shortages in medical supplies as well as other basic needs such as baby formula and yeast for bread-making.

We have now refocused our efforts on delivering humanitarian aid to areas in western Libya.

How you can help?

Since the launch of our appeal the humanitarian crisis in Libya has significantly deteriorated. We appeal to you to continue donating to WMCL, With your support we can continue our vital work.